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Theses and Dissertations (Consumer Science)Browse byRecent Submissions Zietsman, Dalien (University of Pretoria, 2018) With this study the researcher investigated the sustainable luxury value perceptions, supply chain information needs, and purchasing intent of American and Chinese tourists for South African manufactured luxury exotic . Venter, Natashka Rosa (University of Pretoria, 2018) Globally, it is estimated that one-third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, which amounts to a concerning 1.

More concerning is the fact that much of the wastage .

Roberts, Maria Elizabeth (University of Pretoria, 2018) Purpose – The purpose of this research study was two-fold; firstly, to investigate consumers’ overall perceptions of a specific South African premium private label food retailer’s (PPLFR) innovativeness within the selected .

Ferreira, Arielle (University of Pretoria, 2018) The study investigated Eastern and Western tourists’ luxury value perceptions regarding exotic leather products, the e-luxe value perceptions that drive their preference for specific attributes of an exotic leather product’s 7 Jun 2018 - Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education: Lit. Home · Got Questions? Thesis & Dissertation Office · Contact Us. Dissertation/Thesis Searches. Search in the 'Dissertations & Theses' database to locate dissertations or The application forms for extended loans can be acquired from the 1st Floor .

Jansen van Rensburg, Lize Tineke (University of Pretoria, 2017) This study explored South African female consumers’ value perceptions as well as their needs for traceable information on exotic crocodile leather accessories. The Wiedmann, Hennigs and Siebels' Luxury Value Perception .

Kolatsis, Stavroula (University of Pretoria, 2017) This empirical study investigated how interpersonal influences (normative receptiveness and informative influences) and impersonal influences differ across different population groups in terms of status consumption of .

Molise, Limpho Magdalena (University of Pretoria, 2017) Although substantial literature could be found on consumers’ attitudes towards consumerism and on consumers’ dissatisfaction with consumer products in first- and third-world countries (Lysonski et al 2 Dec 2014 - The annual survey of graduate programs at US universities and colleges was conducted in the spring of 2014 to compile a list of theses and .

Apunda, Edwinah Amondi (University of Pretoria, 2017) Kenya’s economic landscape, including the labour market is characterised by a large and growing Informal Sector (IS), which employs 80% of the labour force.

Dressmaking, custom-tailoring and garment manufacturing Micro- . Chambers, Hanri (University of Pretoria, 2017) The study investigated the role of knowledge (objective knowledge and subjective knowledge) and the importance of country-of-origin in female consumers’ purchasing intent of exotic crocodile leather accessories.

Stols, Maria Jacoba (University of Pretoria, 2017) The apparel and textile industry plays an enormous role in the depletion of natural resources, pollution and other environmental problems.

Pro-environmental efforts should thus be encouraged in all stages of the apparel . Stephenson, Melissa Kate (University of Pretoria, 2017) Means-end Chain theory posits that consumers choose certain products or services based on their attributes in an attempt to produce certain outcomes (Gutman, 1997).

This results in consumers thinking about products and .

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Dlamini, Vukile Vinah (University of Pretoria, 2017) Concern regarding the decline in the knowledge and use of indigenous green vegetables exists in many southern African regions including Swaziland. Reasons for this are, amongst others, attributed to a lack of inter-generational .

de Klerk, Marisa Janette (University of Pretoria, 2017) Consumer complaint behaviour research in transitional and emerging countries, including South Africa, is still in its infancy stage. The vast changes to the South African consumer landscape along with the socio-political .

Van Belkum, Mareli (University of Pretoria, 2016) Consumer behaviour and spending habits have changed drastically post-recession. This has affected how retailers conduct their business, driving retailers’ focus towards providing customers with the value they require.

Dlamini, Thamie (University of Pretoria, 2016) Tshwane Metropolitan Area are explored and described.

The study focused on the extent to which these adults consumed traditional and Western-orientated foods and the contribution of selected environmental influences from .

Swanepoel, Fredricka (University of Pretoria, 2016) This study aims to provide empirical evidence that may be used by entrepreneurs who wish to introduce artisan bottled preserved food products in a competitive market place in an effort to create a more sustainable business More Master's theses can also be found in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Community. More about CSUN Family and Consumer Sciences Department Prior research indicates that college students have a lack of knowledge .

Prinsloo, Esti (University of Pretoria, 2016) The study investigated South African men s clothing involvement and the possible influences ofvarious factors such as demographic characteristics, expenditure on clothing, the frequency ofclothing purchases, store patronage . Engelbrecht, Lizelle (University of Pretoria, 2016) The introduction of new fashion products is an important growth strategy for retailers to be competitive.

However, for these new products to be successful consumers and ultimately the mass market need to adopt them within .

du Plessis, Fransisca Magaretha (University of Pretoria, 2016) The fast-food franchise industry has become one of the fastest growing and most successful segments of its retail sector 10 May 2018 - Eliminating Lady Temptations: Avoid the do my family and consumer science thesis Urge to Buy for Baby do my family and consumer science .

This study defines fast food as food that is prepared and served to the consumer in some form of a .