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Search Digital CollectionsAccountBrowse byRecent Submissions(2016-04-14)The study sought to understand how impulsive and compulsive fast fashion consumers evaluate garment quality and its effect on their hoarding behaviors Although anecdotal evidence suggests that fast fashion is made of low . (2016-04-14)With the significant advances of information and mobile technology, digital fashion media including fashion blogs and other social media outlets, has become a new, burgeoning source of fashion information acquisition among . (2018-07-19)Background: Prostate cancer (PCa) is one of the most common cancers in the world. Obesity increases risk for fatal PCa and increases the aggressive phenotype of PCa cells. Calcium sensing receptor (CaSR) is correlated with .

(2017-07-20)Children are a vulnerable population because of their dependence on others, lack of understanding, and fear related to new experiences. As such, experiencing hospitalization can be especially traumatic for children due to .

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Coordinators of nine child life graduate programs in the U. (2014-11-13)Research of satisfaction and happiness has demonstrated that a stable income and comfortable climates are two significant drivers of human well-being.

The current research is concerned with low-income Hispanics due to the More Master's theses can also be found in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Community. More about CSUN Family and Consumer Sciences Department Prior research indicates that college students have a lack of knowledge .

(2016-07-22)As the fashion industry increasingly implements fashion bloggers into its marketing and branding strategies, the degree to which bloggers influence consumer engagement is questioned.

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