View Full Document Start your paper hereGrip Strength and the Role of GenderIntroduction:Grip strength is an important indicator of overall fitness. People use their hands in every day activities whether it is to write, type, play sports, or play an instrument.

Many factors can potentially influence grip strength which include gender, weight, caffeine consumption, hours of sleep, and so on. A study conducted by Shyamel Koley and Arvinder Pal Singh looked at the affects of gender differences on different physical characteristics including hand grip strength on the dominant hand (Koley et. From analyzing the data collected using a hand dynamometer, they were able to conclude that in individuals where the right hand was the dominant hand, there was a significantly higher grip strength in males than females, but they were unable to make a similar conclusion when it came to individuals where the left hand was the dominant hand as the results were insignificant (Koley et.

The study that is conducted in our lab is focused on the role of gender in overall grip strength for both left and right hand whether it is the dominant hand or not Help me do a physiology laboratory report Formatting US Letter Size 1 hour British Should i buy an physiology laboratory report single spaced 23650 words .

Simply looking at whether there is a significant difference in both the left and the right hand for one gender over the other. The alternative hypothesis is that grip strength in males will be significantly higher than females in both the left and right hand.

The null hypothesis is that the difference in grip strength in males and females will not differ significantly in both the left and right hand Should i purchase a physiology lab report 16500 words double spaced at an affordable price. | 2018-06-06 22:23:16 | 126 | 204 read more .

Material and Methods: Participants of the study were asked to fill out an online demographic survey prior to coming to the lab. The survey included questions regarding age, gender, height, weight, diet, exercise, and so on. The participants were then given an animal name and password in order to enter experimental data in the lab computer after participating in the experiment.

This allowed for the identity of the participants to be kept anonymous while pairing the experimental data withthe demographic data of the participants Biology 450 - Animal Physiology Lab, Fall 2004 The title page of the report should include only the title of the lab report, your name and your List the sources you cited in your report, in alphabetical order by the first author's last name..